Better Together Campaign


Anglo-Catholics keeping faith with God, Church & Nation


Our campaign is aimed at promoting tolerance and understanding of different theological viewpoints inspiried by the principles of:

Unity + Freedom + Diversity + Respect


What is ‘Better Together’?

Better Together is a new campaign calling on all Anglicans to come together to enhance the Church’s mission and ministry. Through applying the principles of unity, diversity, freedom and respect, we can positively affirm what we believe is best for the Church of England and for its role at the heart of our society.



Coming Together

At times of huge uncertainty and change the Church of England has rarely been more important to British society.  Better Together is a new campaign calling on all within the Church of England to come together to enrich the church’s mission and ministry. We believe, that together and united, we can positively affirm what is best for the Church of England and for its role at the heart of our society.

At the heart of ‘Better Together’ is a charter around which we can all unite, based on the values of freedom, respect, diversity and unity.

If you, like us, believe that we have never had a better opportunity to demonstrate our practical, as well as our spiritual, relevance and worth, then we invite you to join our campaign.

By supporting our aims, we will show how we are stronger, better together.


Our Charter


We believe that a unified and vibrant Church of England belongs at the heart of modern British society.

We believe that religious freedom for all people of faith and goodwill is a fundamental indication of human dignity.


We believe that respect for the ordination of women as priests and bishops is fundamental to how we together shape a common future for our Church.

We believe that the Church of England will keep its pledge to recognise that many in the Catholic tradition cannot in conscience receive the sacramental ministry of women priests and bishops.


We believe that those who support the ordination of women and those who do not should coexist in partnership within the Church of England.

We believe that the persistence of new vocations to baptism and ordained ministry among Anglo-Catholics is an indication of the calling to continue our distinctive contribution to the enrichment of our Church’s mission.


We believe that the Christian message is stronger and more resonant when all Christian traditions work together, wherever they are in the world.

We believe that the overwhelming majority of the Church of England would welcome inclusive legislation to enable women to be bishops in a Church that has space for us to work together, side by side, for the good of our mission to the wider society we serve.

We believe that Anglo-Catholics can enrich the Church of England’s ecumenical relationships with the great Christian traditions of East and West, promoting unity as central to our mission imperative.

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